The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), founded in 1959, has set trend of quality education and research through its innovative academic offerings and research undertakings. AIT’s research capability provides opportunity for faculty members, students, and researchers to gain mastery in various areas of research practice. AIT envisages to incorporate more innovative researches, strengthen the impact of research’s output, and create industry partnerships based on strengthened research capabilities.

In order to further strengthen the results of research’s output, protect AIT’s inventions and intellectual property of inventor (AIT faculty, researchers, and students), Intellectual Property Support Office (IPSO) is established under the Office of Vice President for Knowledge Transfer (VPKT). IPSO will work closely with AIT faculty members, students, researchers, alumni, and other stakeholders to generate intellectual property for the institute under the Institute’s guideline and policy. IPSO aims to collaborate very closely with the researcher to make the research outcome positioned at lab or prototype scale to globally marketable scale.


Roles of IPSO

 To work closely with Inventor (students, researchers, and faculties) for gathering required information to protect AIT’s research outcome. 

To approach local and international government office(s) for filing research outcome as patent.  

To update the inventor about the
progress of patent application

To seek approval from inventor to disseminate information to interested party if any patent is approved.

To coordinating with enterprises
and AIT for enabling institute level technology transfers. 

Services of IP Support Office



Finding the potential innovation or research for creating IP. IPSO will contact inventors who would like to patent their inventions and will provide the necessary support.



Documenting potential innovation or research for patent application. IPSO will work closely with the inventor to prepare documentation


Filing for patent or IP with the complete documentation in designated government body. IPSO will continuously communicate the result of such IP filing to the inventor and support the process to achieve successful results.